Why I Gave Up Drinking Beer

I used to drink beer with dinner or when out with friends.  In addition to that, it wasn’t uncommon for me to have one or two with dinner during the week.  It just seemed to work for me.

Fast forward to about 2014 after I was 5 years into my physical transformation where I decided I didn’t really want it anymore.  I was drinking less beer overall but it became obvious and I just didn’t care to have it going forward.  That might not sound that crazy but as a guy, it seemed to go with the territory.  It’s integrated into commercials and most social situations.  It’s the ‘norm’.

It was an evolving process over several years, but then one day my desire for drinking beer was gone.  I was more than good with the decision.  The funny thing is what I found out after was the surprise by many when I politely declined the offer for a beer.   I still do drink, but now my drink of choice is a glass of red wine or a gin and tonic.

Benefits of Not Drinking Beer

  • No Deprivation

    I discovered that the “not having it” became greater than having it

  • Feeling Awesome

    No headaches, no bloat or full feeling is a huge bonus

  • Better Results

    Fitness results are easier to see


Who ever said there needs to be a rigid rule for everything we decide or do?  This is a great example.  If I decided to give up beer completely, then great.  But what if now there is a time or place where I want one?  What do I do?  How do I approach this?

Since I quit beer, there have been 3 specific times where I decided to have one.

The first time I was in Toronto, Canada on my way to Cancun, Mexico for a success trip for my business.  My connecting flight was changed so I was forced to stay the night at the airline’s expense.  So I made the most of it and connected with my friend Hani.  We met through my podcasting adventure.  We ended up at a place with about 300 beer options and is well known for their large variety.   I ended up having a couple and enjoyed every minute of it.

Another time was my friend Tony’s 40th birthday party.  Again, guess where I was?  A brewery where they actually MAKE beer.  Plus it was his 40th, my other options were limited.  Seemed like a no-brainer to me.

The third time was once again at a social event; the annual conference for my fitness business in Nashville.  I ran into Dave, one of my friend and mentors.   He offered to buy me a beer.  I accepted and we got caught up with each other’s lives and talked a little business strategy.

Fast forward to today.  If i want one, i have one.  I just don’t really care to and I don’t feel like I’m missing out.   It works for me.   

Do YOU need to give up beer?  No, but I would suggest that you at least think about what it does for you??   Is it benefiting?  Don’t just drink beer because it’s the thing to do. Do it because you enjoy it and do it in moderation.   Don’t over consume and act like an idiot and add in a tall glass of water in between the beer.   

This is just works best for me, my goals and overall happiness in life.