The Life Of Now Podcast

We are back at it for part 2 of our virtual conversation about life, technology, business and whatever else comes up. Kick off the New Year of 2015 in style and get ready for some super and crazy awesome things to come into your life this year. Guest hosts in this episode: Ronsley Vaz – […]

My guest today is a literal machine with an accent made from heaven.  One where he can probably say any vulgar or negative remark and STILL get the red carpet treatment from those around him. He is the creator of the very successful DAILY show JOINUPDOTS on how we can make sense out of some of […]

What happens when 7 podcasters from similar but very different backgrounds and 3 continents get together to discuss what they have learned along the way?  An engaging conversation about numerous topics of course!  I had the privilege to participate in this round table chat and enjoyed it immensely.  Grab a warm cup of coffee or […]

Jeff Stephens is known as the guy who builds online in the off hours, and teaches others that want more to do the same and burn the midnight oil.  He is a dad of 2 daughters, author and host of the CrazyDadLife Podcast. In this episode: What to expect with teenage daughters in the home The […]

Lara Loest works with hosts of some of iTunes’ highest rated podcast shows (Michael O’Neal, Chris Ducker, Grant Baldwin, Rick Mulready, Jordan Harbinger) by making their life easier with super professional show notes.  She is building a pretty cool lifestyle out in one of the nicest cities in the world, San Diego.  It wasn’t always […]