Mark York has many stories and experiences of living life of travel, meeting interesting people and travel to the extreme.
In this episode:

Mark’s crazy travel stories and on the spot decisions to take life to the fullest
$800 and 3 weeks in Mexico
Guatemala humorous and Toastmasters winning speech
Benefits of Toastmasters
3 tips on the best way to learn a new language

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Are you more afraid of dying than public speaking or attending a networking event? If so, you are not alone.  Professional speaker, Thom Singer joins me today to share his insight, experience and tips on how to tackle those fears head on!
In this episode:

Why are people afraid of public speaking?
The high of speaking and serving others
How to handle a failure on stage
When was the last time you wrote out a personal thank you to someone?
Stories! How Thom uses powerful stories, including his daughter’s to create lasting memories
Tips on how to connect at networking events
ABC’s book series and how to best utilize NOW – Network, Open and Walking Around
How to use humor to get through unexpected situations
Don’t be “speakerman”, just be yourself

The power of the ‘hello”

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Austin, TX

7 days of self discovery video

The Salt Lick in Austin
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