We are back at it for part 2 of our virtual conversation about life, technology, business and whatever else comes up. Kick off the New Year of 2015 in style and get ready for some super and crazy awesome things to come into your life this year.
Guest hosts in this episode:
Ronsley Vaz – Host of Bond Appetit and creator of Broadcast Your Message

Rey Brown – Host of Smart Phones Made Easy and creator of iPhone 6 Master Class

Sean Ackerman – Host of You Leading You – Episode 8

Scott Webber – Host of Not Bad For Dad – Episode 31

Nida Kazmi – Host of The Exponential You

Nathan Strong – Host of Stream Games Live TechGuyNate
In this episode:
Everyone chimes in with their opinions and experiences….

How technology has changed over the last 10-15 years and how we are using it now
Importance of your close inner circle of influence
Always surround yourself with positivity and those that push you to become better
Difference with being content with life and wanting more
Necessity of having a strong WHY and purpose to keep yourself from quitting
Who are the father/male role models of today?
How to build a tool kit for your kids to learn from

Resources in this episode:
Part 1 of this conversation (episode 68)

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