Nida Kazmi stops back for a visit on The Life Of Now to discuss how to gain clarity and focus in life.   The show took a little break while I need to shift some focus but we get into some of that as well.
In this episode:
1.) Meditation and gratitude – 5 or 10 minutes day

Don’t over complicate it
Perception and reception

2.) Knowing who you are

Admitting your faults
Being mindful
Define what you are looking for and write it down
Who is the person you need to become to make it happen

3.) Stop beating yourself up – internal conversation

Definition of “normal”

Internal motivation

Greg’s real secret to elite fitness

Nida on The Life Of Now episode 23

Greg on The Exponential You – episode 15

Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect

Limitless with Bradley Cooper

Greg’s daily motivation YouTube video

Michael Bernoff

LOA success story – Jess Lanci

John Wick

Fraser Bayley
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