What does it take to have a great trip? For me it’s the right expectation, great friends, food and bright sunshine with a beach.

That’s the exact recipe I followed on my recent long weekend and birthday celebration trip in Miami!

It might sound obvious, but some people could go anywhere and still not have a good time.  The opposite is also very true. Sure, I love great food, a pool and unique cultures, but what’s super important is to EXPECT that all will be great when traveling.  The dinners, the car rental, the condo, the beach, the friends, the video lip syncing and everything else in between just fell right into place.  It’s an attitude.  Even the jacket purchased by Adam from our group fit perfectly on our 15 minute shopping spree.  What you put out there into the world comes back around in triplicate.  I strongly believe that.

Smile, say thank you, laugh and capture the moments.  It’s contagious and others will pick up your energy.

We covered a lot of ground and I started with the sashimi tuna salad at Houston’s.  It was one of the best I’ve had.  Pan-seared ahi, mango, mixed greens and cilantro ginger vinaigrette.  Need I say more?  Then we checked out the Mai Kai Polynesian Restaurant.  This was the mysterious surprise location for the belated birthday celebration.  The food again was awesome, but the environment and the unique drinks made it even better.  We even tried the surprise group drink, poo poo platter (you read that right) and one of the women dancers even performed a birthday belly dance with my drink.