Fear and LOVE

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the last year or two is the importance of “good” and “bad”. Up and down. Black and white. Struggle and triumph. Fear and love.
However you want to label it, they both are needed in life. We all might want to fight it and think everything should be great and perfect every single day. Why shouldn’t it be? All of our friends seem to have it all and never have any challenges. Thank you social media and reality TV.
Stop the comparisons of your real life to the fantasy of curated and perfected content and posed pictures.
The reality is EVERYONE has pieces of their life that bring them down and make them learn something along the way.
That is called growth and this thing called LIFE.
Even Superman had kryptonite and his alter ego Clark Kent. Each made the other better.
Our natural reaction is to focus on what we DON’T have vs what we have.
I need to lose weight over I appreciate my health. I’m broke instead of how can I lower my expenses and increase my income?
Sad and happy. Sick and healthy. Depressed and fulfilled. Rain and sunshine. Death and birth. You get the idea. Which side do you tend to focus?

Let’s use the example of getting laid off from your employer. Once past the possible surprise and shock, you might ask yourself these questions:
Why me? There are no jobs out there. I’m screwed. I am so stressed. I can’t do this.
Try changing this to: What new skill will be I learning? I get to meet some new people. I should really take this opportunity to pursue that passion of mine. I am smart, I should leverage my knowledge to get a better offer with a fresh start.
With social media — It’s all bad. Everyone is fake. They are all so much more successful and happier than I am. Another job promotion? Another vacation? I want what they have.
OR…. Social media is so powerful. I get to connect with so many people that really are like me and “get” me. I can share a video and my thoughts with hundreds or thousands and can get to know me. Likes and comments can turn into real and deeper relationships. We can even meet some IRL / face-to-face when possible.
Crazy thought huh? It works. I’ve made some pretty awesome friends that live far away, even including different countries around the world.
One huge struggle for me last year was losing my dad to cancer. It was very painful and stressful. But when looking back, there were so many awesome things that came with it. I knew I had limited time with him so I didn’t waste any of it. I talked a lot with my sisters and mom and we all became closer from having to go through such a range of emotions. I told my dad I loved him and how much I learned from him with no regrets. I took time to really appreciate his great qualities and personality traits. I slowed down and just focused on the smaller and important things with family and friends. As much as it sucks not to have him here, I learned so much about myself and how I want to live my life going forward.
My challenge to you is when you are faced with a true fork in the road, ask yourself this question daily – “What am I learning from this?”
What is the lesson? How can I use it to become better? It shifts your thoughts and your thinking from the negative side to the positive. Everything begins to shift for the better.
Embrace each moment and every lesson that drops into your life. They are all there for a reason. Grab them with confidence, jump full force into it and live each day to the fullest.