Chandler Bolt is an Amazon best selling author of numerous books and courses.  He started a successful business while still in college then dropped out to pursue his dreams and was awarded the 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year by Young Entrepreneurs Across America.  He is full of energy, focus and determination.
In this episode:

What’s an entrepreneur house?
How Chandler removed adderall and improved his nutrition for clarity
Daily, monthly and yearly challenges that drive his competitive energy
Chandler discusses his morning ritual including a COLD shower and the importance of setting the tone of the day
Finding the positive in ALL situations in life; including traffic
The power of DECIDING

Chandler on Join Up Dots with David Ralph

Solopreneur Hour with Michael O’Neal

Hal Elrod – The Miracle Morning
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Chandler’s books on Amazon


We are back at it for part 2 of our virtual conversation about life, technology, business and whatever else comes up. Kick off the New Year of 2015 in style and get ready for some super and crazy awesome things to come into your life this year.
Guest hosts in this episode:
Ronsley Vaz – Host of Bond Appetit and creator of Broadcast Your Message

Rey Brown – Host of Smart Phones Made Easy and creator of iPhone 6 Master Class

Sean Ackerman – Host of You Leading You – Episode 8

Scott Webber – Host of Not Bad For Dad – Episode 31

Nida Kazmi – Host of The Exponential You

Nathan Strong – Host of Stream Games Live TechGuyNate
In this episode:
Everyone chimes in with their opinions and experiences….

How technology has changed over the last 10-15 years and how we are using it now
Importance of your close inner circle of influence
Always surround yourself with positivity and those that push you to become better
Difference with being content with life and wanting more
Necessity of having a strong WHY and purpose to keep yourself from quitting
Who are the father/male role models of today?
How to build a tool kit for your kids to learn from

Resources in this episode:
Part 1 of this conversation (episode 68)

My guest today is a literal machine with an accent made from heaven.  One where he can probably say any vulgar or negative remark and STILL get the red carpet treatment from those around him.

He is the creator of the very successful DAILY show JOINUPDOTS on how we can make sense out of some of our crazy experiences and decisions in life.  He is the only man I know that can do so many interviews in a row that he actually catches some type of a buzz.

Improv conversations vs structures questions – Greg’s guest appearance on Join Up Dots
The importance of being unique as a podcast host
How not knowing a lot about other podcasts was a huge benefit when starting Join Up Dots
The key to David’s efficient system he uses to crank out a daily show
The best way to share personal stories to engage your audience
Using tangents and entertainment when teaching courses to make boring topics more interesting
How to use mnemomics and emotion to improve your memory
David’s 5-6 years that led up to the launch of his podcast and the boss that helped triggered a change for him
Where the concept of Join Up Dots started and how Steve Jobs influenced and played a major part
Once you see the light, there is no going back
The importance of a strong finish and tie the story together
The morning ritual and the power of it for success
How has life changed with success for David

Exercise to try:

Leave yourself a voice message with advice you would want your younger self to know

3 questions to ask yourself to find your passion:

What do you love doing?  Write it down
Where do I love being?
What am I truly great at?

Resources mentioned:
IFTTT – automate tasks

4 Hour Work Week – Tim Ferriss
Connect with David
Join Up Dots podcast



What happens when 7 podcasters from similar but very different backgrounds and 3 continents get together to discuss what they have learned along the way?  An engaging conversation about numerous topics of course!  I had the privilege to participate in this round table chat and enjoyed it immensely.  Grab a warm cup of coffee or your favorite drink and listen in.

We start off doing into deeper emotions of big events that pushed us to change and then move into technology and a few other items to lighten it up some.
Guest hosts in this episode:
Ronsley Vaz – Host of Bond Appetit and creator of Broadcast Your Message

Rey Brown – Host of Smart Phones Made Easy and creator of iPhone 6 Master Class

Sean Ackerman – Host of You Leading You – Episode 8

Scott Webber – Host of Not Bad For Dad – Episode 31

Nida Kazmi – Host of The Exponential You

Nathan Strong – Host of Stream Games Live TechGuyNate
In this episode:
Everyone chimes in with their opinions and experiences….

Facing Fears and how to handle them and use them for rapid growth
Finding the required belief system that is required to do your own thing
Finding the appropriate balance of time with family and building a business
Dealing with impostor syndrome
Fear of not taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented
How to handle the fear of limiting ourselves
Single most defining moments and relating that to life
Sean walks us the emotional experience of throwing out emotional attachments after disaster
Greg’s decision to be not average but the best he can be on October 5, 2009
Ronsley’s dinner event that triggered his self worth
How becoming a father changed the game for him for Nathan and Rey
Scott: Dealing with a distant relationship with his Dad
Being grateful for the technology that we have today
Gadgets and technology that we couldn’t go without today
Embracing technology vs fearing it

Resources in this episode:
Toastmasters – Public speaking group

Michael Bernoff – Mindset coach

Uber – Get your ride

Airbnb – rent a place for the night

3D printing

Breather app – rent a conference room

Jeff Stephens is known as the guy who builds online in the off hours, and teaches others that want more to do the same and burn the midnight oil.  He is a dad of 2 daughters, author and host of the CrazyDadLife Podcast.
In this episode:

What to expect with teenage daughters in the home
The importance of instilling confidence and leadership skills in your kids
Going for what you love in life
College degree or not?
Jeff’s journey from professional to entrepreneur/creative thinker
What book triggered a different mindset for Jeff
Signs to look for when seeking your passion
Time management tips for parents and balancing a career
Infamous “rock bottom” question
Catch 22 of low barrier to entry with online business world
Having a realistic time frame
Importance of engaging your kids into your goals and life vision
Why you should register the domain of your kid’s names
GenX advantages
Power of outsourcing

Resources mentioned:
Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Workweek

Dave Ward – Powerful Lawyer To Surfer Dude (episode 14)
Connect with Jeff:
Crazy Dad Life website


Lara Loest works with hosts of some of iTunes’ highest rated podcast shows (Michael O’Neal, Chris Ducker, Grant Baldwin, Rick Mulready, Jordan Harbinger) by making their life easier with super professional show notes.  She is building a pretty cool lifestyle out in one of the nicest cities in the world, San Diego.  It wasn’t always that way for Lara.  She was struggling in life not very long ago and had to make some tough decisions.  By tackling fear and adversity, she is now beginning to see the rewards!
In this episode:

What’s life like in beautiful San Diego vs Wisconsin
The importance of our environment and how it relates to our frame of mind
The power of simplicity
Taking the desire for flexibility and telecommuting and turning into freelancing
Lara’s Eat, Pray, Love experience in Ireland
How traveling can be equivalent to a semester of college
Life before the podcasting world
Biggest fears tackled along the way
The concept of unlimited vacation

Resources mentioned:
Jordan Harbinger – Host, The Art of Charm

Chris Ducker Host, The New Business Podcast

Michael O’Neal Host, The Solopreneur Hour

Grant Baldwin Host, How’d You Get Into That?
Rick Mulready Host, Inside Social Media

Connect with Lara:
Show Notes Made Easy website

Justin Hoover, the loser of so much weight that I lost count, returns to The Life Of Now.  This time we chat specifically about how important it is to have a powerful reason or WHY you are doing your thing in this world we call life.  Without one, you are just on a road with no map and when tougher times settle in, you will give up or take an easier route.
Resources mentioned in this episode:
Justin Hoover episode 44

Body Beast

MAX:30 workout
Connect with Justin:

Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei are the husband and wife team behind the quickly growing show called ReLaunch!

ReLaunch consists of fresh ideas and inspiring stories and also features practical steps from today’s hottest and most in-demand personal development experts and business thought leaders.

Joel is a podcaster, a syndicated radio host, an expert in counseling psychology and personal growth, and is a best selling author.

His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in three categories – success, self esteem, and happiness; on the same day, in the same hour. #boom!

If you told Pei, thirteen years ago, that she would be podcasting, speaking, coaching, and developing business systems full time, she wouldn’t have had a clue as to what you were talking about.

Born in mainland China and academically trained as a dentist, she immigrated, by herself, to the US in 1998.   She worked fulltime as a dentist for 10 years and owned her own practice for eight.   She then sold her practice in 2014 so she could concentrate fully on ReLaunch! and the growth opportunities for the business.
In this episode:

Joel’s background and passion for the mic
What is a boombox?! Ha!
Joel’s journey of finding his passion and fulfillment with his career
His NEED to podcast
The power of connecting with ourselves and expressing it
Definition of “voice”
The fears and doubts that Pei had to get over to become a podcaster
Top reasons why entrepreneurs fail
The correlation of success and our own personal development

Resources mentioned:

Join the Facebook community

Finding Your Voice – Joel’s book
Connect with Joel and Pei:
ReLaunch podcast


In this episode:

Pros and cons of having a “bulldog” personality and hitting rock bottom
Letting go of the approval of others and finding your approval within
That “moment” that forever changed Shannon’s life
How her life started to drastically change by following her heart
What is the meaning of happiness?
Get feedback from mentors and friends but follow your inner voice, passion and belief
Dating yourself first
3 essential questions to life’s purpose
How travel can change your whole philosophy and get you out of your comfort zone
How Shannon de-stresses
Importance of gratitude

Find Your Happy

The Daily Love – Mastin Kipp

30 minutes of Max 30 to get yourself into shape – Join me here

Adding More ING Your Life – Gabrielle Bernstein
Connect with Shannon:


Play With The World website
Oprah’s “Am I good enough” video

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”

Black Friday and my review on the movie “Reign Over Me” with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle.  Powerful movie on dealing with emotions and loss on a deep level.