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Tony Horton Defining Success

You’ve heard me talk about it over and over on the impact today’s guest has made in my life.  THE Tony Horton joins me as my guest today.   Tony is the creator of numerous home workout programs that include P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Ten Minute Trainer, Power 90 and most recently released P90.

He is also an author of several books with the most recent being The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life.

Tony also did some Improv comedy and MIMING on the streets to make ends meet.   He has trained celebrities like  Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Usher and Sheryl Crow just to name a few…..

In this episode:

Going from small apartment to “overnight success”
The fears and struggles Tony had to push through to reach success
Some of the books that helped create the right mindset needed
Those first bigger breaks with training a few celebrities
The person Tony needed to become
Simplifying nutrition
Defining success and happiness
Why most don’t succeed
Importance of humor with fitness
Tony’s epic vomiting incidents
Hint at his next project coming in 2016
2 sports that will definitely get you ripped
Why Greg lost more hair on his P90X journey
Tony’s definition of “artistic form of rhetoric”
The Fountain of Youth – speed work, balance and flexibility (pilates/yoga)

YouTube Video audio and video are a bit off with the Skype recording but here it is:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Greg’s transformation

The “I Am” movie

Connect with Tony:

YouTube channel

Tony Horton Life

Nick Jackson just wants to you to love thy neighbor.  Is that so hard?  He is a motivational speaker, very successful football coach, ordained minister and an activist.  He was even selected by NBC, Showtime and Fox Sports’ Cris Collinsworth to become the national spokesperson for UGive.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the next generation of volunteers.
He can even teach you on how you can just be AWESOME.
In this episode:
“Be Awesome Now”
Why do we limit ourselves, what holds most back from their true potential?
Importance of being in the right crowd
Connect with Nick:
Nick’s website

Nida Kazmi is a coach and admits to be hooked on personal development.  Same here!  She helps men with life and business and to become all around better dads, husbands, business partners, friends and to become better overall.
In this episode:

Guy stereotypes
How Nida did a 180 in her life since connecting with Michael Bernoff and making big changes
The power of knowing your WHY and how it can give you huge results once known
How to guarantee success with any goal
Authenticity – the word for 2014!

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