Christina Hernandez

Christina Hernandez struggled at an early with health issues, specifically with lyme disease and depression.

She found relief with the crazy home workout called INSANITY and other Beachbody workouts and it changed the game for her.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal” – Paul Coelho
In this episode:

Internal vs external motivation and how to get more of it
“Secret to success”
Using the guidelines but going outside of that to make it work for you
Christina’s frustration with cellulite
How the word “skinny” isn’t any better than being called fat
Embracing the struggle and using it to create a positive change in your life
De-bunking the myth that it is EASY for “you”
Facing addiction and how to deal with it
How to identify and get past excuses

Ultimate success recipe from Tony Robbins:

Know your outcome
Know your reasons why
Take massive action
Notice your results
Change your approach

Resources mentioned:

21 Day Fix

Turbo Fire

Tony Robbins

Tony Horton interview

Bo Eason

Shakeology meal replacement shake
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Tony Horton Defining Success

You’ve heard me talk about it over and over on the impact today’s guest has made in my life.  THE Tony Horton joins me as my guest today.   Tony is the creator of numerous home workout programs that include P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Ten Minute Trainer, Power 90 and most recently released P90.

He is also an author of several books with the most recent being The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life.

Tony also did some Improv comedy and MIMING on the streets to make ends meet.   He has trained celebrities like  Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Usher and Sheryl Crow just to name a few…..

In this episode:

Going from small apartment to “overnight success”
The fears and struggles Tony had to push through to reach success
Some of the books that helped create the right mindset needed
Those first bigger breaks with training a few celebrities
The person Tony needed to become
Simplifying nutrition
Defining success and happiness
Why most don’t succeed
Importance of humor with fitness
Tony’s epic vomiting incidents
Hint at his next project coming in 2016
2 sports that will definitely get you ripped
Why Greg lost more hair on his P90X journey
Tony’s definition of “artistic form of rhetoric”
The Fountain of Youth – speed work, balance and flexibility (pilates/yoga)

YouTube Video audio and video are a bit off with the Skype recording but here it is:

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Greg’s transformation

The “I Am” movie

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YouTube channel

Tony Horton Life

Justin Hoover was in a car wreck that should have ended his life.  He was told that he would never walk again without a cane or a walker.   He became a food addict, never moved and when all was said and done he weighed in at 470 lbs! Thanking a decision to dive into the P90X workout from Beachbody.
In this episode:

How Justin got so big and what happened to trigger change
Impressions, humor of course
Dealing with guilt of surviving the accident
How nutrition and workouts have helped turn things around for Justin
What is a honey bun cake?
How he got started with P90X
The vision looking into the future for Justin – Warrior Dash, Diamond Beachbody Coach

Links and resources:
P90X too hard?

Rhonda Layton – episode 1

Justin as a guest blogger at Bond-Appetit

Body Beast home workout program


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For episode #15, I am going solo for the first time!  Just the mic and me.   I thought it was time to explain a few background stories about me and how the shows became a reality.
In this episode I share:

My definition of the “perfect storm”
De-mystifing the myth of overnight success
Why am I doing the podcast show?
My story from Toastmasters to P90X to fitness coaching
The Talent Team audition I attended in Los Angeles
The physique competition that I will be attending
The importance of belief, goals and using rejection to your advantage
Brief overview of my HGTV Renovation Raider’s appearance

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PiYo home workout program being launched in June!
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About Heather:
Living life how she was “supposed” to live didn’t work for Heather Dietel anymore so she decided to make huge changes in her life.  Before she knew it she was walking on hot coals at a Tony Robbins event.
In this episode you will learn:

What happened on a typical Sunday night before the BIG changes
What made one of the biggest differences for Heather to get on a better path
The emotions of walking on hot coals at the Tony Robbin’s event
The numerous things Heather tried that failed
The feeling of going to her high school reunion
What Heather had to do to put herself into the best position to help others
The crazy exhilarating feeling of walking on hot coals at Tony Robbins event
The importance of using a coach or mentor
What’s on Heather’s bucket list

Links mentioned:

Home workout program – INSANITY
Connect with Heather

Heather’s Facebook fan page

Heather’s website


Trying to understand WHY tragedy happens can be very difficult.  MaryAnn Majcher knows how hard it can be and had to deal with finding out that her full term baby Camden didn’t have a heartbeat.  I can’t imagine the feelings you would need to endure to get through something like that.  In this episode, MaryAnn shares what she went through and how she dealt with the heartbreaking news and how she is using that to help others understand and deal with the very same thing in their lives.
In this episode you will learn:

The challenges of moving frequently with the military
The significance and deep meaning of 9 months
MaryAnn’s dessert that she can’t turn down
How she is planning on paying it forward to help others dealing with stillborn loss
The driving force to push her half marathon training
MaryAnn’s Bucket List item that she will accomplish in 2014
Asylum – The training program used

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Welcome to episode #1!  Let me introduce The Life Of Now to you.

It all started several years ago for me.  It started with getting myself into shape physically and mentally.  Next I started to help others and then I started to think even bigger.  I thought to myself how can I get the word out and inspire and share stories even more?  A podcast of course!  The Life Of Now podcast is all about experiencing life, stepping outside of your comfort zone, taking advantage of all that life has to offer and so much more.  It’s about great relationships, learning from mistakes and traveling.  All of this while being in the best shape of your life.

Our first guest on the show is my very own sister, Rhonda Layton.  Rhonda is an online fitness coach, mom of 2, motivator, mompreneur, runner and overall life coach to many.

In this episode you will learn:

Books mentioned:

Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

The significance of [3:45]
The power of visualization
How to use failure and struggle to your advantage
How Rhonda cut 15 minutes off her previous marathons and qualified for the Boston Marathon
Rhonda’s dream vacation location
What is your “[4:00] AM”?

Books mentioned

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YouTube Channel
Rhonda’s Motivation Rhonda Facebook page
Motivation Rhonda Blog
E-mail Rhonda
Check out Rhonda in the INSANITY Asylum infomercial!
And Shaun T’s promo reel starting at [3:35]
Rhonda’s very motivating INSANITY transformation video