I get it.  We ALL want to help. But are we all meant to be leaders?  What makes a good leader?  I believe that we throw that word around too loosely.   Everyone can be a leader.  If you are influencing others in anyway, you are leading.

You must do it by example. If you want to inspire others, then eat healthy and exercise in an authentic way.  Do you want your friends to try that crazy fun adventure that you love?  Live and breathe it.  Show your excitement and all the positive aspects that you receive from it.  Actions over words.  Always.

If you want success more for someone else than they do for themselves, it becomes easy to become an enabler.   It’s easy to know if you are falling into this “trap”.

Do this simple exercise.

Stop and listen to how you feel when you offer to pick up your customer or friend when you attend a training event. What emotions stir up for you?  How about when offer to place a friendly reminder text or call for them to complete assignments?  You might be feeling a little stressed or maybe even drained.

You should get fueled by helping others, not exhausted.

If you feel that this is happening to you, start digging into the WHY of your customers.  Nothing will fuel them or keep them moving towards their goals without it.  They may even be too nice and don’t want to let you down. It needs to be about THEM.  Maybe they just don’t want change.

You need to place all your energy into those that want to help themselves.  Simple as that.  Those that have a deep desire to change. If not, you will become exhausted because you want it more for them than they do.

You can never force. Be an energy magnet. Be so inspiring that others want to do what you are doing.

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